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FEB Classic BT Map Pack

This pack contains the maps which originally started BT, from the Fluffy Evil Bunnies clan. (8.69 MB)

The pack contains these maps.

Recommended Maps by Difficulty

A list of some of our favourite maps sorted by difficulty (outdated but still good)

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Easy: AnIntroToBT, Domicile, Energized, Ibarra, Katrix, Mesablanca
Medium: Affinity, BackOnMars, BuriedCityOfUr, Chantry, Concavedigsite, Extant, HeartCollector (NWBT), Hummingbird[v2], Indifferent, Krank (NWBT), Nightfall-EZ, Nightfallv2, ReactorEscape, RedPlanet, Skirmish, Sirrington, SubtleFallout
Hard: 13, 26, Abomination, Affliction, Aperture, Benign, Bioshock, Chyandour, Deimos, Friction, Halcyon, IceCavern, Implication, Lux, Nobility, PortalPart1, SuddenDeath, Tartarus-v2, UnarbitrarilyAztec, Uncommon
Very Hard: Awash, Deadbolt, Deft, Donnie, End, Galvanize, Ithika, Lanayru, Mechaninic, Nightfall][ SkaarjBT, Phase1, Phase2, YuLiberte
Unsorted: Absolution][, AeronCB, Amplitude, AncientAction, Ancrelent, Antecedent, Antithesisv2, Aperture, ApproachV3, Ardon, Asbolution, Asymmetric, Bastion, BreachV2, Compilateng, Corruption, Covenant, CovenantCryptum, Decomissioned, Deimos, Depot, Domicile, Donnie, Energized, FaithSolo, Frozt, Galvanize, Grasp, Haste, HauntedHill, HauxV3, II-Faith, III-Tofik, Implication, Isolation, Knights-Curse, Lanayru-v3, LavaRefinery, Malevolence, Mausoleum, Mordor, Naja, Oracle, Osiris, Perfectified, PergamonCE, Phase2, Plunge, Purgatory, PuzzleCastle, Quantifier, Rebellion-v3, Rebirth, Reminiscence, Reminiscience, Revolution, RushStation, Savage, Sector9, Shizbizzles, SmallFunMap, Somber, SpeedBunny, SpeedOfLight, Stilongs, Storm-v4, TheBeginning, TheLostJournal, TheWind, Tormood, TwoCastles, Uprising, Vertical, Villa-v2, X-Scape, BunnyVillage, TempleEscape

Maps from Servers 1-2

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