What is BunnyTrack?

It's a gametype for Unreal Tournament (1999) which focuses on movement and puzzles.
Think of it as a UT assault course.

Here are some videos to show what it's like:

How do I start playing?

Get Unreal Tournament (1999) - it's only £4 from Amazon and comes with 3 other Unreal games including UT2004 which is also incredible.

Then connect to the Bunnytrack.net BT servers by clicking here.

Or launch UT, open the in-game console (default: press tilde (~)) then type open bunnytrack.net

Bind a key to quick-connect by typing
set input F8 open bunnytrack.net in your console.

Add bunnytrack.net to your UT favourites!

A bunch of stuff will download (fast!) and then you'll be connected.
Say "!vote" for the mapvote and help.