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MP3 to UMX Converter 16th December 2020 by Sapphire

A drag and drop MP3 to UMX converter is available for easily converting music to use in UT maps. Check out the GitHub page for more details.

UT Package Explorer 9th February 2020 by Sapphire

A package explorer page has been made to demo a JavaScript plugin which can extract data from UT packages on the fly. See the GitHub page for more details, and a small write-up on the file format here.

Unified Server Records 1st June 2019 by Sapphire

Our records page now combines records from servers 1 and 2. Player names have also been unified to provide more accurate stats (e.g. "Vis" or "VisDiz.com" now counts as "Visability"). Thanks to Shotter and OwYeaW for contributing names and corrections.

Server 1 to Host Featured Maps Only 5th January 2019 by Dizzy

See the blog.

NuLL Mapping Videos 28th November 2018 by Dizzy

Prolific BT mapper NuLL is currently producing a BT map and is streaming/recording his progress via his Twitch channel.

Discord 24th October 2017 by Dizzy

We're now actually using our Discord channel.

Mapping Contest 14th October 2017 by Dizzy

We're excited to announce an upcoming mapping contest.

Mapping contest details

USA Server 4th September 2017 by Dizzy

We've added an additional BT server located centrally in Texas, USA. It's here to stay. We hope it gives our friends from the Americas better ping. port 7777